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What did you say?

Anachronistic Language: Irritated vs Pissed

When I first started adapting The Man Who Was Thursday it was in 2002, and my original notion was that the story was “ripe” for updating into a contemporary settings, especially since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the world was wondering the same question:  Why does God allow things to randomly blow up?  Plus, I could recast the “anarchist” into our… (more…)

Recording Begins

This is the humble beginnings of a long journey of recordings.  We’re borrowing a quiet classroom at our local church, doctoring it up with a little sound absorption to dampen reflections, and giving ourselves room to move around.  In this scene Lucien Gregory introduces Gabriel to the underground lair of the London anarchists movement.  We’re using a Zoom 4-track recorder,… (more…)


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