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  • Tearing Away the Mask of Hell

    As Sean Fitzpatrick points out in his insightful article in Crisis Magazine, GK Chesterton pulls a reversal on one of the detective genre’s most common tropes.  Whereas most mysteries in the end unveil the seemingly good person to be the evil murderer, The Man Who Was Thursday instead “tore away the mask of hell only to reveal the face of heaven.” Without giving away the plot, there are a number of dark fears that Gabriel Syme must face in this nightmare, the […]

  • Scriptshadow Book Review’s Matt Bird recently included The Man Who Was Thursday as one of six books that have yet to have a movie made (or have one in serious development).  The book is cool, what can I say?  There probably is a head-trippy contemporary version that could make a smash at the box office.  In fact I tried to write one myself, but I never was happy with it.  I cane to realize that the book itself is extremely engaging as […]