The Audio Play

In the absence of the money to make a feature film, “The Man Who Was Thursday” will come alive as a high quality, fully produced radio play.  Actors breath life in the characters, sound effects and foley keep you in the scene, and a musical score ties it all together.

With the popularity of iPods and other portable music devices, audiences are listening to audio more than ever.  They can find and download the shows that they want to hear and play them when they want to hear it.  Here in Southern California, we’re stuck in our cars much longer than humans should, so we consume a lot of music, talk shows and news both on the radio and on our iPods.  I imagine the rest of the country isn’t much different, whether it’s cross-country trips or zoning out on the subway.

This project is planned to be released at four episodes, for free, to download to your iPod or music device.  If you enjoy the show, recommend it to your friends.  We want the largest audience possible.

None of us are getting paid to do this, and there isn’t a sponsor behind the scenes giving us money.  If you are able to donate and help this project along, please do so via the paypal link on the right rail.  Thank you!

Schedule:  The sessions were 95% recorded in 2010, after which editing has been progressing slowly.  The play will be released online in segments, currently targeted for the end of 2013.

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  1. JC says:

    did you ever finish this? if so, where is it available?

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