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  • Sound Effects Editors Needed

    I’m looking for help with Sound Effects editing – the work is being completed in Adobe Audition, which would be the easiest way to collaborate.  Open to ProTools artists, however, it will be more difficult to collaborate. The project is in a rough edit stage, with all the pieces in place, but it needs a lot of detailed work to add in sound effects and begin to pre-mix all the dialog elements. If you have access to FX libraries, even better. This […]

  • Navigating the Stereo Spectrum

    I made an important discovery recently, one that will turn upside down my initial conception about how to control who speaks from where along the stereo spectrum. Meaning, how far to the left or to the right a character speaks from in the stereo mix. But first an update. If you have checked back to this website over the past couple years, you’ve seen that the blog has been dormant. It is true, what they say, that you can’t serve […]

  • Easter and Conversion

    I hope you has a wonderful Easter. This weekend I celebrated with a long time friend of mine who was officially received into the Catholic Church. Like myself he was raised Baptist and generally moves in Protestant circles, though recently we have formed relationships with some like-minded Catholics. The schisms between Christian churches has long fascinated me, especially as I see many of my generation get tired of dogmatic and doctrinal arguments that get away from the central message and […]

  • Additions to the Family

    I’m not much for making blog excuses, so I often opt for silence rather than reveal that there isn’t a lot of news to report. Where have I been since October? Well, on November 7th my 2nd baby boy was born– which triggered a long-standing agreement between my wife and I that I would set aside the project for the first couple months of our child’s life. This has been very necessary, and well worth it. Though as a creative […]

  • Finished Principle Recording

    Not too long ago we had our final “official” recording session, with most all of our anarchist council present for the occasion. We finished the duel with the Marquis, followed by the madcap chase through the French countryside and the confrontation on th pier. We had a lot of fun and moved very quickly. I’ve been extremely pleased with the caliber of work that our cast brought to the table. It’s not easy staying in character when the recording sessions […]

  • Fearing the Marquis de St. Eustache

    By now if you’ve been following the project, you may have noticed that the part of the French Marquis is played by a woman– the inimitable Lisa Wolpe.  Among many things, Lisa is the artistic director of the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company, and has made her mark locally by playing some of Shakespeare’s most powerful men as if she were a man.  It all stems from a very studied technique in which she is able to embody the essence of the male […]

  • The Man Who Was Sunday

    Over the last two recording sessions I’ve had the opportunity to record separately with two extremely fine actors involved in the show, however, both presented a unique recording challenge. Peter Macon is a powerful actor who has been garnering attention recently up in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Last year he played Macbeth in a powerful rendition, and the year before he appeared as Othello.  This year in Oregon Peter can be seen in Throne of Blood, Merhant of Venice, and […]

  • Ascending the House of Reason

    Last week we recorded scenes with Dr. Bull, played by Stephen Alan Carver.  Now it is Gabriel and Professor de Worms who must confront him.  Something Martin Gardner pointed out in his introduction to his edition of the book, The Annotated Thursday, was that each of the anarchists on the Council of Days, the seven supposed worst men in the world, represented an aspect of life that the everyman Christian (Gabriel) fears. Chesterton has it in their fairly clearly.   This […]

  • The Great Unconscious Gravity of a Girl

    There I saw Rosamond, Gregory’s sister with the goldred hair, cutting lilac before breakfast, laughing with the great unconscious gravity of a girl. Rosamond is mentioned twice in The Man Who Was Thursday book.  Once, right after Gabriel’s first debate with Lucien Gregory “the real anarchist” as he’s known.  She catches his eye, and later asks him his advice on her brother’s anarchism.  He says, “Now, sometimes a man like your brother really finds a thing that he does mean. […]

  • Narration Complete

    Yesterday we had our sixth recording session, the forth session of only narration, performed by Jacob Sidney as Gabriel.  All together it took about ten hours to get through itl.  The average takes for each line was three, with many coming at two, and a few coming in at eight. One of the most enjoyable parts of the book is Chesterton’s voice when it comes to his description, which when adapting the story to radio, I knew would need to […]