Scriptshadow Book Review’s Matt Bird recently included The Man Who Was Thursday as one of six books that have yet to have a movie made (or have one in serious development).  The book is cool, what can I say?  There probably is a head-trippy contemporary version that could make a smash at the box office.  In fact I tried to write one myself, but I never was happy with it.  I cane to realize that the book itself is extremely engaging as is, in the time period it is and with the dialog and characters in place.  Why mess with a good thing?

This audio play adaptation of the book remains faithful to the original that everyone fell in love with.  Of course there are liberties taken, and I’ve inserted a couple of surprises that I think the fans will like.  Oh, and the ending will be just as surreal, so no Hollywood-ization there.

We’re only a few couple sessions in, so there’s a lot of work to go.

Here’s the link to the article.

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