Additions to the Family

I’m not much for making blog excuses, so I often opt for silence rather than reveal that there isn’t a lot of news to report.

Where have I been since October? Well, on November 7th my 2nd baby boy was born– which triggered a long-standing agreement between my wife and I that I would set aside the project for the first couple months of our child’s life. This has been very necessary, and well worth it. Though as a creative person it feels like I’ve decided not to use one of my arms for a couple months. I also started a new job in the film business as chief technologist at Local Hero Post, which has me commuting longer and working harder than I have for several years. But it’s nice to be back in the feature film business.

Things are just now beginning to normalize, however. This is a volunteer effort, so things happen only in the off-hours, when there are any to be had. But look for more to come soon, and I apologize for the absence. In the meantime, here is a smile:

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