Finished Principle Recording

Not too long ago we had our final “official” recording session, with most all of our anarchist council present for the occasion. We finished the duel with the Marquis, followed by the madcap chase through the French countryside and the confrontation on th pier. We had a lot of fun and moved very quickly. I’ve been extremely pleased with the caliber of work that our cast brought to the table. It’s not easy staying in character when the recording sessions are spread out as we were forced to do.

I’ll be writing a more detailed post about our recording process, and hopefully we’ll move quickly through all the editing work that now needs to be done. I imagine that the project will take several more months– especially since my wife and I are having baby #2 very quickly here.

Check out the right rail of the website, I re-booted our donation box into Paypal’s new widget system. It’s pretty neat– if you’d like to support the project financially, it should be fairly easy. In fact, I just gave myself $10.

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